Applications by Kevin-Cheung

Currently on promotion until Sep 3, 2013 at 50% off regular price. CamPreview lets you preview all attached video input devices such as the FaceTime camera. You can also rotate the view or reflect it horizontally. Great for monitoring multiple c

Are you sick of chalk dust? Do you find the smell of markers nauseating? Do you feel locked down by the rigidity of Keynote and PowerPoint? Are you annoyed by having to mirror your desktop just to do a demo? Do you feel ripped off having to pay h

DeLights brings an extension to a classic game (Lights Out) to the Mac! The goal is to turn off all the lights by tapping the squares. Tapping a square will toggle the light of the square as well as those immediate to the right, to the left, just a

On special till Dec 31, 2012. If you are in a room with no Wi-Fi or cellular signal (therefore nobody can access any remotely-hosted polling service), can you still conduct a live anonymous poll? Do Ask will let you do it. And clients only need to