Applications by Kai-Luo

Introducing Clock mini, an elegant clock utility app.

Paster is a clipboard management app made just for your Mac and iPhone. Key Features: - Fast sync solution with push notification - Easy to use, there's no account setup - Smart category and search - Keyword control for advanced use (Mac version) -

DownloadBox is a lightweight yet powerful download manager. Main Features: Download Analytics All download tasks with analytics in the new Activities window, you always know what's up with data downloads. And you can locate a 30-days-ago download w

Style Clock is a simple yet elegant clock utility built just for your Mac.

Instant Compress is probably the easiest way to compress images, simply drag and drop them to the app icon in the dock then you are done! * PNG and JPEG images will keep the original format while others like TIFF will be converted to PNG format duri

Copies is a clipboard manager* designed for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Features - Sync with iCloud - Support Text, Link, Image and File* - Keyword search and filter - Favorites and notifications It is easy to use, it supports images and files, it works

Yet another note app for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Features: - Editing history - Multiple window editing - Multiple tags - Auto completion - Keyword search - Favorites - Import from Simplenote - iCloud sync

Very simple image resize app.

Copies is a full featured clipboard management application. It's lightweight, it's easy to use. Features - Search with keywords combination - Filters by keywords or applications - System-wide shortcuts - System notification - Menubar app - Cloud syn

One-click image format convert tool, super simple to use.

Introducting Instant Effects, a simple app that let you apply effects to images with just one click.

Password mini is an offline password generator, simple and safe to use.

Instant Icons is probably the easiest way to generate icon sets for iOS and OS X apps, simply drag and drop the raw image onto app icon then you are done! There's also an online version For more, please visit http://lkmake.c