Applications by Judy-A-Long

FlatMol a molecule drawing tool for the educator or student Simple and flat, chemical structures made with this program are designed to be compatible with a paper surface rather than to compete with 3D models. Tips: Help Topics are accessib

For Creating, Printing and Storing Soap-Making Recipes Calculates the amount of base (NaOH or KOH), and water needed for the saponification (soap-making) reaction. NOT a SoapMaking Tutorial

ChemEdu is a chemistry tutorial for introducing chemistry and naming inorganic compounds. It is intended for students as well as educators as a tutorial / review / reference. A FULL TEXT Tutorial takes the user through background information as w

theScales Records and Charts your Weight Calculates and Classifies your BMI Suggests a weight goal for you. (based upon your BMI) BMI is Body Mass Index. (A calculated number used as an indicator of body fat) The number is calculated from a