Applications by Judhajit-Ray

Organizing has never been this easy!! Calendar Pro for Google is a Google calendar app with intuitive design. Now, it's so easy to get every event organized. It has a simple and neat look and is accessible, highly responsive and reliable. App Highl

Now Text your friends for FREE!! The Fastest Messaging App for Facebook Now you really do not need to open the browser, just launch the app and start messaging. You can reach your family and friends instantly through Messages for Facebook. Feature

Bible for Gateway is a simple Bible App that gives you faster access to a host of Bible Translations from Bible Gateway. It provides an intuitive app layout with helpful app buttons which will make Bible reading a pleasure on this app. App highligh

This Mac Application will allow users to work on Google Keep on a minimalist app layout. Quickly capture your thoughts with pictures into colorful palettes on your Mac. Notes for Google Keep is the easiest way to access Google Keep notes on your Mac

QuickTab for Instagram is an Application that lets you access Instagram on your Mac and makes it easy to browse photos and comment on them. Users will be able to follow other people and comment on their favorite Photos right from this application.

We all love Dropbox. How about making it more easier to use? Drop for Dropbox comes with a very unique design and app interface. Users will be able to use every bit of Dropbox effortlessly. Drop for Dropbox has a unique app layout where users will fi

CalendarPlus for Outlook is a simple Calendar App for Mac where users will be able to access Outlook Calendar faster without the help of a web browser. This is one of the fastest way to access Outlook Calendar on Mac. By using this app, users will be

Bible for YouVersion lets you read Bible from YouVersion on your Mac easily. It has an intuitive app layout with helpful app buttons which will make Bible reading a pleasure. App highlights: • Have native app like experience on your Mac for You

If you are looking for a reliable client Application for Yahoo Messenger, please look no further. MessengerApp for Yahoo lets you chat on an intuitive app interface from where you can share photos and send gifs. MessengerApp for Yahoo is one of the f

ProDrive for Google Drive is a Mac Application for managing Google Drive files in an easy manner. This is one of the easiest way to working on Google Drive on Mac. Users will be able to upload and download files from the app without the help of any w

Chat with your Facebook friends Via Messenger on your Mac. MessengerApp for Facebook lets you have the experience of Messenger on your Mac and helps you chat with your Facebook friends right away. It provides a minimal interface from where you get th

PrimeApp for Amazon description PrimeApp for Amazon allows you to access Amazon on your Mac, at anytime, in anywhere. It provides a responsive App layout from where you can browse products and shop on Amazon. It becomes very easy for users to shop o

WeatherPlus is the best weather app for real-time weather alert and forecasts. This app is the most accurate way to get live weather statistics for any location. Search for your location from the search bar and instantly get basic weather information

Duly Noted could be best described as a bigger version of a note book with enough room and add ons to capture your creativity and life's schedule. A diary of living. Note the research of your life capturing events lived and about to be experienced.

ProForecast for The Weather Channel is a simple weather application for Mac that gives you faster access to vital weather info inside a minimalistic interface. Search for any location using the search bar at the top of the app and set locations in an

QuickMap for Google Maps lets you access Google Maps and all its functionalities into a highly responsive application from where users can search for different locations easily. Discover and get around new places with Google Street view images. Top

DesktopReader for Quora is a simple Application for Mac where users can post questions and give answer to questions posted by others. It gives users easy access to Quora inside an intuitive app layout. This is one of the fastest medium to access Quor

Are you looking for a faster and simpler way to convert currency rates on your Mac! Currency Compare meets the need. Currency Compare is a simple Mac Application that lets users to compare currency rates in real time. All you need to do is select yo

Pinboard for Pinterest is a convenient way to access your Pinterest. Have access to all the pins and pin boards in an app layout in your Mac. Pinboard for Pinterest is the easiest way to access Pinterest in a Mac with all the functionalities one wo

Love using Inbox on your iPhone? Get it on your Mac too. Now it has become more easier to access Gmail on Mac using Google’s Inbox. QuickBox for Google Inbox is your app to access Gmail in Inbox style in a bigger interface . Top Features:

Email for Gmail is a Mac Application for Gmail from where users can read mails, reply to them and compose new ones very easily. It comes packed with some amazing features that make it more convenient in working on Gmail. Features: -Access mails from

2 Due will organize your day using the format of a manageable list. Making entries and marking them as accomplished has never been easier. Highlighting, prioritizing and adding notes to events add an additional layer of information making 2 Due the 2

ProBox for Dropbox Edition lets you manage Dropbox files right from your Mac easily. Just drop your files on to the app interface and the files are ready to be uploaded on your Dropbox account. This is the easiest Dropbox client available till date i

QuickPhotos for Google is a Mac application from where users can upload, view and download photos on Google cloud. This app will give you a faster access to your Google photos inside a compact app layout from where users will be able to upload and do

QuickDrive for Google Drive will give the best access to Google Drive in your Mac. Manage online files to this easy to use Google Drive client app for Mac and have everything at your finger tip. Create and share your work online and access your docum

Convert currencies in an instant with the most convenient currency converting app Currency Rates. Simple and intuitive to use Currency Rates helps you whenever you are in need to convert price with a minimal effort. currency values RIGHT AT YOUR F

WeatherLive for AccuWeather is one of the best ways to receive real-time weather alert and forecasts on your Mac. This app is the most accurate way to get live weather statistics for any location. Search for your location from the search bar and inst

ComfyApp for OneDrive is a simple Application for Mac for managing OneDrive files in an easy manner. This is one of the reliable client app for OneDrive for Mac. By using ComfyApp, users will be able to upload and download files from the app without

CoffeeTime is a break timer that allows you to set up your breaks during the day just the way you like them! Along with great apps like Duly Noted this break taking device is a perfect example of the apps App Harp loves to build. Schedule your day

Market Watch

12 days ago

Market Watch is a simple app to go through basic Stock Exchange figures of companies. It will give you basic market insights and individual company portfolios, laid out on a intuitive interface. All the data, figures and index values get constantly u