Applications by Joern-Hartmann

Presentations Ever given a presentation but your computer's desktop was mess or contained files you didn’t want the audience to see? TidyTop makes it fast and easy to clear your desktop and restore it later. Archiving Do you want a clean deskt

FlaggedMails helps you to keep track of them by adding an icon to your menu bar which gives you quick access to all your flagged mails. The item is always visible even if is in background or not running at all. No setup required. FlaggedMa

APNS Pusher provides a simple interface for testing Apple's push notification service. This is especially helpful during development of iOS and OS X apps when the backend for sending push notifications is not yet available. Just download and add the

Archive Cleaner helps you to keep the important builds including their debug symbols and get rid of the disk space consuming older builds in Xcode. Xcode's Archive Organizer is a handy feature which archives your iOS/OS X app builds that go out to t