Applications by Joe-Hopkins

PLAY AS A PRO KICK RETURNER IN TED GINN'S OFFICIAL APP Field kickoffs, follow blocks, find holes, and break tackles on your way to the end zone in this amazing 11-on-11 kick return challenge! SIMPLE TO GET STARTED With ridiculously simple controls a

The most addictive football game with one simple goal: score touchdowns! You are the kick returner, drag your mouse to dodge between defenders until you reach the endzone. See how many touchdowns you can score before being tackled, but watch out! J

PLAY AS PRO PLAYERS JASON AND DEVIN McCOURTY Read the QB to make as many interceptions as you can before time expires! Get bonus time for each catch while collecting coins to unlock new jerseys! -- INTUITIVE CONTROLS You will be amazed at the plays

Rugby Try is the most addictive game in the App Store! Use your finger to dash in between defenders and see how many tries you can score before being mashed. But watch out! Defenders will come at you in a variety of speeds and formations...