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Do you have the wits to play puzzles? If so, prepare yourself for a game of puzzles, conundrums and riddles. Make sure to answer the riddles before your time is up or it would be over. If you reach the end of the game you deserve to be called a "Mast

Meet the quick happy brown fox who jumps over lazy dogs! Jump over sleeping lazy dogs who are lying around and hanging out on your path. While the quick brown fox gains speed, it gets harder and harder to dodge these lazy dogs. Good luck!

Its raining missiles! Help us destroy those nuclear missiles and protect our citizens. Earn points by shooting missiles with your own "guided" missile. Share your scores on Facebook and tweet it on Twitter. Have fun shooting!

Do you think you have the skills of a true ninja? Teach this apprentice ninja in dodging the shurikens. Guide the ninja on his path in becoming a true ninja like you. Be careful, he is really fast and hard to handle. How long can you last?

Be a Bird Hunter! Practice your shooting skills and shoot the Birds before they escape. Bird Hunt is a casual game with an addictive shooting experience. Your goal is to shoot as many birds as possible.

The skies have showered the city with cash, yes you heard it right, CASH, and not just cash, but tons of them. Help Wally gather lots of cash and earn a high score. All you have to do is catch the falling money using his basket. Make sure to catch th

Observation and good memory will lead you to winning this mind tickling game. Click on the boxes and find pairs of cakes in the shortest possible time. As the game progress so the boxes of cakes adds up.

The Ravens have attacked the Crab Island. But don't be afraid, Angel Crab has risen from under the Crab Island sand to protect bushels of crab. Help Angel Crab shoo away as many Ravens as you can.

An out-of-this world adventure. Pawn and conquer the universe with your spacecraft. Have hours of fun destroying different planets and gain high scores out of it.

Do you want to be an egg dealer? Then this game is just right for you. Collect eggs by catching them carefully from our chicken who generously lays them. Make sure that the eggs would be properly delivered to the customers. Earn points by catching as

A game for the Pinoys, half-Pinoys, married to a Pinoy, knows someone who is Pinoy or just curious about the Filipino people and their culture. If you want to know how Filipino you are, take this less-than-scientific game to rate your Filipino-ness.

Help Kean wipe away the pesky Monstrashes and make the area free from trash. By wiping them out, you gain points and help clean the environment. Play for a cleaner and healthier environment!

Agawang buko is originally a Filipino game that is usually played when there are celebrations, gatherings, fiestas and festivals. It uses an unpeeled coconut. Players participating in the game shall struggle to take a hold of the coconut. The player