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--- newer version of v2.00 for macOS 10.12 Sierra is coming --- iRestFREE & iRest & iRestReminder, for the sake of your eyes! iRestFREE is the free version of our intelligent iRest and iRestReminder. The only different in between is iRestFREE use

( the latest version of v3.00 is here, works under OS10.8 - OS10.10 ) Paste or type in Chinese sentence, pinyin will not only translate them into Pinyin romanization but also highlight, display and read them out in Mandarin Chinese. (do NOT need int

Yes, Movie Rotate FREE will rotate your video to any angle! Unlike all other apps that claim to do "video rotation", Movie Rotate can do free-angle rotation in any angle from 0 to 360 degrees! It is your must-have tool for not only the preservation

Disclaimer Statement: We are releasing this upgrade for the benefit of wordCount users since 2012. For all new users, please use our other app named "Word Count Popup". As wordCount was coded under a former macOS system and is no longer worki

autoEJECT will automatically eject all your removable disks when you close your macbook's lid. Your iPods,flash drives, USB devices, SD cards, Firewire backup disks, DVDs, and even mounted dmg files will be safely ejected automatically when you Mac

Yes, generating your movie from high resolution pictures and photos. This 8th version of v2.30 is capable of making 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) and even higher resolution movies! picture2movie is the most efficient tool for movie making with a batch

--- latest v3.30 for macOS 10.12 Sierra is here! --- A frame that allows you to have an image or even PDF displayed semi-transparently in front of everything. It enables you to copy, trace, or compare designs, images, and documents with ease, since

--- another newer version v3.33 is here, grab it now! --- A sticker app with a teleprompter-like text scrolling mode! Leave as many colorful, resizable stickies on your desktop with reminders, notes, clippings as you want. Contents are automatica

--- upgrade version is coming, grab it now at this price! --- iReview is an easy-to-use App that combines a auto scroll / flip teleprompter and a video recorder. iReview is ideal for making video reviews, YouTube videos, presentations, lectures, an

-- v3.10 (2017) for macOS Sierra 10.12 is here -- * ZoneClock, the most customizable zone clock app! * Version history: v1.12->v1.27->v1.29->v2.17->v2.18->v2.61->v2.65->v2.70->v2.72->v3.00->v3.02->3.10 ZoneClock is a tiny but powerful world-time c

--- v1.50 for macOS 10.12 Sierra is here --- convert thousands of pictures into other format at once, as easy as one, two, three! works on macOS Sierra 10.12 and still compatible to OS10.7 and above With batchCONVERTER, all the pictures in a folde

--- newer version v2.38 for macOS 10.12 is here! --- Accidentally unplugged your power cable without noticing and now your battery is dead? Want to take care of your computer and maintain your battery life? Love the assuring sound of your iPhon

--- newer version v1.50 for macOS 10.12 is here, grab it now! --- As long as plugSHIELD is running, no one can plug and copy anything from your Mac. Remember how in the movie Iron Man, Stark's girlfriend managed to steal all of the bad guy's data

a MUST have app for your Retina iMac! Take your eyes off the screen and "here" will show you exactly where your mouse pointer is. No shaking your mouse and losing your position. Creating a critical spreadsheet, retouching a complex photo, or readin

batchPDF can easily batch convert all of your RTF and HTML files into PDF. Just leave your .rtf and .html files in a folder and they would be converted to .pdf files with a simply click. Attention: 1.If you did not install a printer on your Mac or

--- v1.80 for macOS 10.12 Sierra is here! --- Batch convert documents to and from a variety of formats! It can convert an entire folder of files, even if they are of mixed formats. Features: v1.30 - Whole-directory conversion in seconds; - Suppor

--- v1.90 for macOS 10.12 Sierra is here! --- With just one click, all your pictures in a folder will be linked into one animated GIF picture. Unlike other apps that advertise to perform the same function, however, batchGIF will keep your pictures

Need a one-line teleprompter? Or maybe a todo list? Or maybe just a scrolling message on your screen for others to see while you're away from your desk? Try Scroll! This simple, no-frills app offers you single-line scrolling display of text anywhere

A newer version for macOS Sierra is coming, grab it now! Make time lapse movies from your HD Webcam, DV camera or iSight Cam. Are you a YouTube lover vying for attention? It might surprise you to know that while very simple, time lapse movies attra

--- newer version of v3.00 for macOS 10.12 Sierra is here! --- A Transparent Text Editor with vertical scrolling! No illuminated text, no fancy formatting, no messy headers or footers, and no footnotes or endnotes. airWriter is an elegant, multipur

Attention: This app is using Human Face Recognition technology. The AI is doing his/her best to find any friendly human face. :) Simple tool for blurring out faces in your shared photos to protect you and your friends' privacy. In today's digital a

--- newer version v2.10 for macOS 10.12 Sierra is here --- Creating Stop Motion movies has never been easier or more accurate! (Note: If you do not have a DV driver for your DSLR, the app you want is not this one but 'photo2movie' or 'picture2movie

--- v1.80 for macOS 10.12 Sierra is here --- Batch convert your entire music directory at once into .caf, with the click of a mouse. (attention: from various format into .caf only) You can use it to convert various kinds of audio, music and sound

[ newer version v1.51 is here! ] Play your movies, videos, podcasts, and even music faster or slower without changing the pitch! Have you ever tried to fast forward through a movie or a song? If you have, you might recall, say, Nick Cage or Adele,

A tiny but convenient converter you can use to convert vary kinds of audio, music and sound into Apple's .caf format. It can even be used to extract audio from videos. For batch .caf convert, please upgrade to our "batchCAF". features: Converts

--- newer version for macOS Sierra 10.12 is here! --- Yes, Movie Rotate will rotate your video to ANY angle! Unlike all other apps that claim to do "video rotation", Movie Rotate can do free-angle rotation in any angle from 0 to 360 degrees! It is

--- newer version v2.52 for macOS 10.12 Sierra is here --- What have you done on my Mac? timeLAPSE will take a silent screenshot of your Mac's desktop automatically and periodically at an interval according to your setup, from between 10 seconds to

--- v1.55 for macOS 10.12 Sierra is here, grab it when it is only $0.99 --- Copy and resize an entire folder of pictures with just one simple click! It supports various kinds of file formats and can both enlarge and shrink images. Modern cameras

A small but powerful and elegant multi-account email checker located on your status menu bar. For one reason or another, almost everyone has more extra email accounts besides of your daily used one. This small, stand-alone mail checker can check all


Add background music to your video within a second! BGM (BackGroundMusic) offers you the simplest way of adding background music to your video files before you upload or release them so you can save valuable time. As an active denizen of the intern