Applications by Jiri-Bury

Join the numbers and get ZERO in all circles! Swipe to combine two circles. When two numbers join, their sum is stored as new value in their circles. Combining right circles gives you zero in all circles.

How far you can get with the Bee past obstacles? Best controls, awesome music and your cute Bee :) Bzzzzzzzzzz!

This game is based on the Coulomb's Law. There are positive (protons, red) and negative (electrons, blue) charges every game. You can move only with electrons and your goal is to move them to stable locations. If electron merge with proton, the gam

***** The TOP #1 Easter game worldwide! ***** Easter Egg Hunt - The Bunny's Village from iOS is here! QUESTION! Would you like to see your own Easter Village Builder game? Please tell me in the app ratings or e-mail to [email protected] Thanks! FEA

Features: - highly addictive! - endless gameplay - 4 types of difficulty - good tutorial - improves logical thinking - increases brain activity and intelligence! - free updates - no ads Crystallized is a logic game about color mixing in crystals. Th

"The best catcher game ever!" Become the master catcher. Eggs falls from the sky, your goal is to catch and turn them into Bunny Coins. FEATURES - Fast and dynamic gameplay - Endless fun - Simple and intuitive controls - Many levels to achiev