Applications by Jin-jing-Wang

Mini Metronome is a reference metronome that uses minimum screen estate. The deficiency that the volume of this metronome is outrageously low is acknowledged but not addressed due to the incompetence of the developer. One possible application of th

Encoding of the metadata of MP3 files can be properly recognized and converted by this application such that they will show up correctly inside iTunes. Features ---------- * Built in encoding detector * Batch converting a folder of files * Simple i

Convert any encoding of any text file to UTF-8 or vise versa. * Over 100 different encodings are supported. For example, BIG5, GB18030, SHIFT-JS and KSC-5601. * A built-in encoding detector * If auto detection fails, you can manually pick the correc

Clipping Detector is a simple tool that checks your media files for audio clipping. Features ------- * Report the clipping status of the current playing track from iTunes when the iTunes media library is at the default location, in particular, in M

Robotic Rename enables you to convert a list of files in a way that their names will match another list of files. Usage: * Drag files, whose names will be converted, onto the top panel * Drag files, whose names will be matched, onto the middle pane

Use PDF Cutter to split pages into smaller pieces for a more comfortable reading experience. Note ----- * Encrypted PDFs are not supported. * Converted PDFs are much larger in terms of size of data. * Use the "iPad, iPad2, iPad Mini" option for de

Try the free web app at: The major benefit of this paid application is that you will receive a notification on your notification center when the air becomes unhealthy. Note: Only Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Sh