Applications by Jeffrey-Struthers

MyRoutes Use MyRoutes for planning, tracking, researching and reviewing global travel. MyRoutes enables you to create, visualize, and edit world routes and to link media resources with a route or any stop on the route. MyRoutes employs a set of c

My World is your media organizer for distant places. Its Useful. My World is about associating pictures, documents and other media with chosen places world-wide. For example: Associating photos, documents, and other media with previous or futur

Welcome to MyWorld-DX. MyWorld-DX combines the features of a world atlas, a personal media organizer, and a great-circle path plotter. Use MyWorld-DX for: • Locating U.S. states, Canadian provinces, countries and their capital cities, airlin

EngineNProp is engine and propeller performance software intended for use by aircraft owners, aircraft maintenance technicians, ground school instructors, and aviation maintenance educators. Use EngineNProp to: - simulate manufacturer's engine per

RightPlane helps you review past or present choices of any type, such as choices for an upcoming vacation, a major purchase (e.g., a home, personal airplane, or boat), or a new pet. Use RightPlane to refine and resolve your choices in making key dec