Applications by Jeff-Carter

iFoodPlus is a complete Grocery List and Meal Planning Application for the Mac. -Research thousands of food items from the USDA SR23 Database. -Create your own detailed Recipes with pictures and even sub recipes. -Define your Meals and then create a

iFoodFit is a complete Grocery List, Meal Planning, Calorie Counting, and Fitness Application for the Mac. The features include: -Now syncs daily Meal Plans, Exercise, Weight Training, Daily Log, Recipes, and the Grocery List with the FREE iOS App

TidyScan is a Document Storage and Retrieval App. Scans single and multi-page documents. Handles Business Cards, Documents, and Receipts as well as other document types. OCR Text recognition. Exports Receipts to CSV, OFX, QIF, and TXF. Exports Busin

Plan Your Next Vacation: Syncs with the FREE iPhone App VacationSync over Wi-Fi! VacationPlanner is the perfect application for planning your vacation on a Mac. Generate custom Itineraries for Dining, Rooms, Transportation, Tickets, Events, and Lo

One to four players. Customizable characters. Play the Golf Gurus Course or design your own. Realistic elements like trees, bushes, water, and bunkers. Realistic terrains and changes in elevations. Flyovers at the start of each hole. Interactive hole

Play 2 Players or Versus the Computer. Overhead or 3D Side Views. 8 Ball. Realistic 3D physics Engine.

TransparentGIF is a simple Application that removes a specified color from all frames of an Animated GIF. You can adjust the range or threshold of the color selected. I created TransparentGIF out of necessity for web designers. After capturing an

Biblical Calendar is a great resource for studying the Bible. It includes: A Gregorian Calendar on or after 10/15/1582. Julian Calendar on or before 10/4/1582. A Hebrew Calendar. Christian Holidays. US Holidays Jewish Holidays. Ability to Export a