Applications by Javier-Chavez

*************IMPORTANT In case you´re having problems with graphical errors, please look in openarena's app bundle under /Contents/MacOS, find the file called pak6-patch088.pk3 and remove it. That should fix any graphical problems. **** Ne

The game that started it all! Now on the Mac Appstore! Nexuiz is an arena styled first person shooter. The first classic Nexuiz release is now available on the mac. Enjoy the original, classic gameplay that Nexuiz provides, in this special Mac Appst

This is the LITE version of Strife. It contains 3 levels, 4 weapons, several major characters, and its some content not available in the full game! Get Strife here:

"..As if from a troubled sleep you awaken in darkness, total and encompassing, and as you struggle, you feel stone above your head, a slab that gives way with a strong push to allow faint light to filter down on you. The air is damp, putrid almost,