Applications by Jan-Dlabal

System Indicator is a simple, clean, lightweight application sitting in the Mac OS X menubar. Its unobtrusive icons will inform you how much disk space, processor, and RAM is being used currently by your computer, while perfectly matching the black M

Are you tired of switching to your Facebook window every 5 seconds to check if something new has happened? Enter Monitor for Facebook! This extremely useful app will sit in the menu bar, turning red whenever you get a new Facebook Notification, Mess

Houbysoft Calculator is the only calculator you’ll need! Whether you want to do simple calculations, trigonometry using any angle measurement type, vector cross products, statistics, unit conversions, graphs, programming, chemistry, Fibonacci n


Do you sometimes find yourself switching back and forth between different windows? Wouldn't it be great if you were just able to cut out the part of the screen you need, and keep it in an always-on-top window that you could keep open while working in


Are you tired of wasting your time stuck in traffic? Then this app is for you! It will monitor how much your drive home will take given current traffic conditions, and even alert you once traffic has calmed down. Save time, gas, and your nerves!


19 days ago

Ever wish your flash drive could be synced from your iTunes library, just like your iPod? Well, now it can! Demo: FlashTunes can sync any volume, such as the USB stick you use in your car, an older MP3 player, etc. You

A simple & easy clock, alarm, stopwatch and timer. If you need a simple and clean time keeper, look no further. Features -------- * LCD-like clock that can be made huge for enhanced visibility * Alarm that can be set to fire repeatedly * Stopwatc