Applications by James-Derrick

iPlummet is a simple utility for quickly ruling up a page to practise calligraphy on


9 days ago

LatinEdit is a Mac OSX program aimed at assisting transcription and translation of documents between Latin & English. It has a vocabulary, revision, and grammar window to assist with learning Latin, and a word tool to help decipher mediaeval manuscri

The Romans counted their hours from sunrise to sunset. This is a simple menubar app which shows what the Roman time would be at your current location.

Monitor is a macOS Automated Anaesthetic Record Keeping system (AARK). It allows you to plot data downloaded from anaesthetic monitors, as well as enter data for drugs, fluids, procedures, urine output, blood loss, positioning, cardiac rhythm and oth

This is a very simple app, which displays the date in Roman format in the menu bar. Clicking the menu shows a scrollable calendar with all the dates in Latin. Because it is a Roman date, it uses the Gregorian calendar. Different forms of roman num