Applications by JadeGame

Android is a 2D platformer very similar to Brøderbund’s classic Lode Runner. The goal is to guide an android around each level, collecting every bag of gold on the screen while avoiding roving enemies and collecting bonus fruit. As wit

Ultranium3D is an incredibly addictive 3D breakout game. Entirely rethought and redesigned, this new version of the Jadeware classic offers a smoother, more comprehensive gameplay based on skill and reflex. This updated Ultranium release packs all of

Ultranium 5 is a Crazy mix between breakout game and shoothemup. Fast paced game with HD graphics and great audio tracks. - 200 Levels and Generated levels for best players. - Multiplayer mode to play versus a friend. - Ikaragua mode for experts o

Marty game is a retro and cool platformer game like mario mixed with a shooter game ! Earn XP to buy upgrades for your guns. Many guns and upgrades available. Hours of fun for all ages.

Grizzly Adventure is jadeware's first platform game complete with over 30 action packed levels. An evil sorcerer has taken control of Grizzly's forest and driven the creatures completely mad. With the animals under control and the help of a few min

The adventures of Barney is here! This is an exciting side-scrolling platform games just like Aladdin with many weapons and player upgrades.

Ultranium4 is a crazy mix between a breakout game and a space old school arcade shot'em up that features full 32-bit color, stereo sound, and even a multiplayer mode. The game has been fully redesigned since the original version, and it now features