Applications by JPG-Malthouse

This program calculates the spin lattice relation time (T1) and linewidth of a carbon atom relaxing by interacting with up 5 different nuclei by dipolar relaxation and or by Chemical Shift anisotropy (CSA) provided you know the rotational correlation

This program fits using linear regression and plots to the following equation:- y=mx+C Three different scale types can be used. A box scale, a YX scale or y versus x scale and a 0,0 scale where both the y and x axes pass through zero. Results can be

This program fits data to the equations:- Alkaline sigmoid kobs = k/(1+[H]/Ka) Acid sigmoid kobs = k/(1+Ka/[H] When "Fit" is selected a linear reciprocal plot is used to make the initial estimates of kobs and the pKa. These values of kobs and pK

This program can be used to fit pKa values to pH dependent data where the data titrates from one value to another e.g. ppm data, absorbance data, fluorescence data, Ki and Km data etc. The program fits and plots data to the equations:- If one pKa

This program calculates ouput data for a range of equations for:- Michaelis Menten kinetics Competitive inhibition IC50 Exponential curves pH dependent changes Data is ouputted in double and single column format. The single column data an be easil

This program calculates the observed rate constant (kobs) for reactions dependent on 1 to 7 protonic states. XH6 = XH5 = XH4 = XH3 = XH2 = XH = X The program calculates and plots the pH curves for the protonic states XH6, XH5, XH4, XH3, XH2, XH o

This program fits and plots bell shaped pH data to the equation:- kobs = k/(1+[H]/K2+K1/[H]) Results can be printed, saved as a text document or copied and pasted into other applications such as Word.If your data is in another program such as exce

This program reads and writes data files which can be read by programs such as MMfit, ppmfit, Sigfit, Bellfit, LinReg,IC50fit and kpHcalc. If you own any of these programs then your colleagues can obtain this program free and use it to input data int

This program fits initial rate data for enzyme catalyzed reactions to the equation below using the method of Wilkinson, G.N. (1961) Biochem. J. 80, 324-332. v(obs)=Vm.So/(So+Km) Data can be inputted and fitted as initial rates. Fitted values of V