Applications by JBP-Software

Lock down the usage of YouTube on your Mac. Only allow videos that match criteria you consider safe for your children, under an application password you choose. Prevent "related videos" from appearing. Allow your child to save videos they like fro

Remember opening the newspaper every day and reading your favorite comics? How would you like to be able to do that again on your computer? With Funny Papers, you can select your favorite daily comics, and read them every day. You can save your fa

Have you ever seen somebody post on their Facebook wall some text that is strike-through? Or a special character like a "smiley" or a "heart"? With this simple app, you can do the same. It sits in your menu bar, and can either replace contents on

If you are a writer of technical documents for digital hardware or software design, many times you have to create tables of registers with bit locations for various functions. This handy application will create an attractive graphical representation

Play the classic game of "hink pink". When given a question, determine a rhyming answer - for example "large feline" is "fat cat". Game comes with hundreds of hink-pinks (one syllable rhymes), over a hundred, hinkty-pinkys (2 syllable rhymes), and a

Keep track of all digital books you wish to buy in the future. Using iCloud, share them with all your devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad). Go right from your wish list to the Apple store to buy the books when you are ready