Applications by Invictus-Security-Inc

iKeyboardRemote can let you use your Mac to remotely control your iPad/iPhone. You can now play your iPad/iPhone's music without picking it up. If you would also like to use iKeyboard to do text input for iPad/iPhone, please download iKeyboard inst

Read First!! For Mountain Lion user, please update to 10.8.2 iKeyboard can turn your Mac into a Bluetooth keyboard for iPad/iPhone/Mac. Pairing steps: 1. Mac : Select "Discoverable" in application menu. 2. iPad/iPhone: Select "Settings->General->B

Place OneClickGo on Dock and you can shutdown your computer or take screen snapshot in one mouse click. OneClickGo is a convenient tool for your daily use, you don't have to remember those Apple hotkeys hereafter. OneClickGo can be configured to per