Applications by Imre-Katai

Do you like when you pull out the headphone cable from your iPhone the music stops? Well, after now, with this simple application, you mac will do it to. Moreover, if you wish, it can automatically start the music when you plug in your headphone or

CoverWall displays your covers in the backgorund. It's like a giant, cool wallpaper, and all you have to do, is just start the application, and enjoy your artworks. It helps to rediscovering your long forgotten albums, or just helps to choose what

Have you ever wondering why don't the status bar displays the iTunes track data? If yes, then this is the app for you. :) For some reason, Apple did not include this feature into the great Mac OS X. With What's on iTunes you can select the data to d

Time Logger is not just a new time reporter tool for Mac. Time Logger is the first step into your new work tracking experience. We have created a tool with a carefully designed user experience, based on the collected feedback from users who struggle

Album Flow will bring back the Cover Flow feature for your Mac. In iTunes 11, the Cover Flow view is not available anymore, so if you like that view, then this is the perfect app for you. Album Flow for iOS has been released more than two years ago,

icns Editor is a really easy to use tool to create an icon to your Mac application. Easily drag&drop the image or the existing icon file to the application. You can: -Rotate the image -Export every frame to PNG -Import image to every frame in the fil

With QuotePapers you will never have to worry about your desktop wallpapers. This app gives you wonderful, inspiring quotes on a day to day basis that make you really think or work towards something good. It's giving some new outlooks on things in th

With Weather Map you can real time track the weather in the whole world. With the network of the public Netatmo stations you can see the current temperature and rain value. Any questions? Feel free to contact us via mail ([email protected]).

Application Tracker is not just a new reporter tool for Mac. We are sure you have your favourite time reporter tool for Mac, but you can extend it with Application Tracker which will silently track your application usage in the background. Key feat

This is a simple application which will display the current track information from Spotify in the status bar. Moreover it will send local notification upon track change. With Current Track - for Spotify you can select the data to display. Just that