Applications by Iikkatuote-Oy

Make big prints yourself with SplitPrint. SplitPrint lets you split big posters to multiple pages and print them using conventional printer. You can also export the split image to PDF (e.g. for splitting scanned documents for e-readers). Not a photo

See matching lines extracted as you type. ListFilter lets you do live-search over lines of text and shows matching rows. It's like live grep, which highlights matching sections. Complete with ICU regular expression support. You can import text from

TilePrint lets you print multiple copies of an image (JPG, PNG, PDF, etc.) to single paper. Useful for printing labels, invitation cards, etc.

Folder to Webarchive converts a folder containing HTML-files and related assets into a single-file webarchive that can be read with Safari. This is useful, e.g., for web page development and for delivering HTML-content via e-mail. The created webarc

Improve your productivity by calculating dates and expressions while you write. EvaluatorService allows you to evaluate simple date arithmetics, arithmetic expressions and PERL script snippets. It does this by publishing two services. These are avai