Applications by Igor-Galochkin

A fun story for kids about Mole's adventures in the subway, ventilation shafts and in underground tunnels. The story events alternate with educational tasks, puzzles and mini-games for 7-9 year olds (elementary school). These tasks train memory, logi

This game is an interactive story for small kids with a few dozen educational tasks included in the plot. The main character Bus gets towed to the junkyard after people have stopped using public transport in the city and switched to cars. Bus wants

A story about Polar Bear Cub and his friends Owlet and Baby Seal. The plot includes logic mini-games and educational tasks for 3-5 year olds. The tasks were designed by a child psychologist. These mini-games develop brain functions (logic, spatial in

An interactive story for kids about the journey of Music Box, all the way from a dusty attic in a small German town to a museum in Berlin. The application was designed by a child psychologist and includes interesting educational tasks to train logic