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Video Poker fanatics should enjoy this casino-quality video poker game. Every hand, game play, sounds and artwork reflect the action and addicting challenge of one of the casino's hottest games. Deuces Wild is the game for those who are not satisfie

Help Valeria to organize a Chinese Exhibition for the Cultural International Museum! Travel through China, solving puzzles to unlock your next steps! Research old temples and towers to find antique artifacts, and plan your exhibition to be a complet

The iOS hit now on your Mac! One day you wake up, and you're not in your house anymore, but locked up on Alcatraz! Can you escape and figure out what is happening? This is an adventure game, but with Rogue-like styled maps. Walk around to find obj

Fruzzle - a puzzle game totally in 3D, which brings to your Mac an infinite challenge! Ambiented in a lake, you control a cute little frog, that should jump everywhere on a level. With every hop, the place where you were will sink underwater, makin

It's really hard to get food in the Antarctic... the penguins there need your help, or they'll starve! Find the all the fish on the board, and help the penguins to gather their food! But beware the evil walrus, the Penguin's natural enemy! If you l

Let the cute parakeet guess your future! The cutest app ever! Let the music play, and hear the green parakeet twit - and when you're ready, touch the screen so the parakeet will get your luck! This app recreates one of the oldest brazilian traditi

Using gorgeous pictures from Rio de Janeiro - the city that is the location for several new movies and worldwide sports events - this puzzle game will blow your mind! "Puzzle Trip:Rio" is not only a jigsaw puzzle game, but also a sliding puzzle too!