Bible app is an easy-to-navigate offline Bible app for Mac with a smart UI and lots of useful features. It will allow you to dive into the sacred scriptures without all the clutter of Internet. Bible app is a complete package for Bible Study with a

A Perfect way to get God’s daily word in your busy schedule. Read, Apply and Memorize!! This simple, beautiful and well-thought application will give you a new verse from the Holy Bible everyday. Features: - Daily Bible Verse from the Bible -

Live VideoWall - The Best Collections is the ultimate collection of 55 exclusive wallpapers with eye catching animations and stunning visuals. It showcases some of the finest live wallpapers, which will redefine your Mac’s Desktop Screen. It

Live VideoWall Lite is the collection of 10 premium wallpapers with eye-catching animations that will liven up the screen of your Mac. It showcases some of the finest live wallpapers, which will redefine your Mac’s desktop screen. It provides

***** 70% OFF, Hurry now !!! Do you feel that you are not drinking enough water every day? Do you forget to drink water in your busy schedule? WaterApp can help you with reminders to keep you hydrated throughout the day. It will keep you notified wh

***** 70% OFF, Hurry now !!! “The Very First of Its Kind” 3DWeather is an impressive weather application for Mac that shows weather information in an amazing style. It lets you keep a 3D animated widget on the desktop that generates sceni

Bible Lite is an easy to navigate offline Bible Application for Mac. It has got a beautiful design with a number of useful features. It allows you to dive into the Sacred Scriptures without all the clutter of Internet. Top Features: • Speak Mod

***** 100% OFF, Hurry now !!! You must need it. :) Online is a minimalist Application for Mac that lets users know whether the system is connected to internet or not. It puts a green dot on the Status Bar while the internet is there and turns red whe

Auditory will give you the most serene writing experience on a Mac. You will be writing on a buttery smooth user interface with a slick and modern design. This is a unique combination of writing and recording voice inside one app. It presents an intu


A never before experience to Driving!! This game is designed to give to a Wacky Experience. An exhilarating racing experience along with adrenaline pumping music for maximum gaming experience. Features: 1. A total of 15 unique cars to choose fro

What if you could place Time & Date with a handy calendar on Status Bar? CalendarPop does just that. CalendarPop is a simple app that puts Time and Date your Status Bar, just like the Mac’s default Time and Date, but with a little catch. It gi

3DWeather Free is a unique weather application for Mac that shows weather statistics in 3D animated themes. Get full weather forecast of different locations in one place. Get timely weather alert directly sent to the Notification Center. Users can k

***** 40% OFF, Hurry now !!! Excel Templates for Microsoft Excel is the easiest way to create high quality spreadsheets with Excel. It gives you all the tools you need to create great-looking spreadsheets.You get a wide variety of templates to choose

Holiday VideoWall just got updated with newly designed Live Wallpapers for Christmas and New Year 2017. Note: More new screensaver for Christmas and New year 2018 will be added very soon. Holiday VideoWall is the ultimate collection of some of the

***** Featured by Apple as Best New Apps ***** ***** Also Listed in Apps for Photographers ***** RePix is a very useful image tool for Mac that helps you in batch resizing any image into a preset resolution and save it easily and quickly. This is t

BREAKS | TASKS | PROJECTS, SCHEDULE, AUTO PROMPT, MANAGE TIME, SYNC, REPORT AND SHARE Break is a handy tool for Mac to schedule your tasks for a day. You can also add task one by one in real time as you go about them. See how much time you spend on

***** 40% OFF, Hurry now !!! Templates for PowerPoint is the easiest way to create high quality presentations with Powerpoint. It gives you all the tools you need to create great-looking presentations.You get a wide variety of templates to choose fro

*** LAUNCHING OFFER *** 70% OFF *** ChequeLog is going to be your friendly personal tool to log your spendings made through cheques. This is basically a digital cheque book manual to keep records of all your cheque payments that you pay every month.

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Day Planner is an all-in-one app to plan your day. It empowers you to plan a perfect day and get things done very easily. The app interface is divided into dedicated sections where users can add specific entries like Todos, people to call, things to

Bill Express

12 days ago

Bill Express is a simple tool to schedule and track different types of bills that you pay for a month. With this app you can generate lists of overdue payments, planned payments and check what has already been paid off. Bill Express is made to help


Perfect your presentations and projects with great set of templates for your daily use in projects for office, schools and colleges or any of your need. MS Office Templates is a top quality solution for a quick, easy and affordable collection of qual

***** 50% OFF, Hurry now !!! AutoPrompt got featured in New Apps category in Mac App Store ***** If you are looking for an app to help you in office to build your daily worksheet and making it an effortless job, then AutoPrompt is the app for you. A

KidsHero ABC is an all new learning tool for your kids. It teaches your little ones about Alphabets in a very unique and interesting way. It has a very simple design, so that kids can jump through different sections, by themselves. There are diffe

How much money are all of your belongings worth? What would it cost you to replace everything you own? A home inventory, complete with a list of your belongings, pictures of them and information about their worth, is a good way to keep the answers to

Are you Looking for a Musical Chairs app for KIDS? This app is specially designed for KIDS. KidsHero presents a wonderful app that your KIDS will love and enjoy. Musical Chairs is such a fun game and so easy to organize and play. Arrange a circle o

*** 80% OFF ** SALE *** Notea is a simple note taking application for Mac. This is quite simply the best notes app you will ever use. Notea has been designed from the ground up to give users the fastest and the most satisfactory experience possible.

This is an all-in-one solution to all your needs to simplify your daily life. Buddy app is your true buddy to do things the smart way. Be it setting up reminders, list down todos or looking for upcoming events, Buddy app will have you covered. The

***** 65% OFF, Hurry now !!! ***** SmartPlayer is a simple, easy to use media player for your Mac. It has got some unique features, which will transform your video watching experience to a different level. Key features at a glance: -Easy to add and

Manage your financial life with Accountee Lite in the most effortless way. Accountee Lite is a powerful finance management tool that will help you in keeping track of your earnings and expenses over the months. Keep a close eye on all your bank acco