Applications by IHIHI

Transformator is a tool to manage sets of text transformations. You can create any number of search/replace rules for each ruleset and have any number of rulesets ready to use. Copy-paste or write any text on the left and the modified text appears o

Quick! Get your copy now! FREE for a limited time! UBV Volley 2011 is a fast-paced arcade beach volley game designed for up to four players. The game aims for simple playability and maximal fun. You can play against AI or play all players with keyb

Special sale! CARL is 32% off for a limited time! CARL is a complete retro analog synthesizer sequencer app! Current features include: A complete analog synthesizer! - Sin / Tri / Sqr / Saw / Noise / SPS* waveforms - Attack / Release - Polyphony /

The ultimate arcade beach volleyball game is back - now with a shiny new 2012 edition! UBV 2012 is the ideal party game. With three or four gamepads, you can arrange the most hilarious arcade volleyball tournament ever! All players are customizable

It's the tool you've always wanted! Now only $0.99 / 0.79 €! Speaktone creates ringtones with the system TTS synthesizer. Add more voices through System Preferences / Speech: Apple has provided a wide selection of different languages and diale

Liberator helps you free that inactive memory that's sometimes unavailable for some types of software that desperately would need it - you'll (almost) never have to reboot again! Ideal tool for users of software samplers in sequencers. Doubles as a

BaseMind is a next-generation mind mapping tool! It will completely change the way you take notes, create presentations and organize data. Features: * Maps of infinite depth * Any connections between nodes allowed - one to one, one to many, many to

A simple stopwatch app to run in the corner of your screen. All the functionality you need and nothing more: * Click to start * Click to stop * Click on the left side to reset, or * Click on the right side to continue All results are also listed in