Applications by Hunt-Mountain-Software

Calculate a confidence interval on a percentage in a snap. Just enter the percentage, the sample size, and the level of confidence, tap Calculate and you're done!

Analytic Rarefaction brings fast individual-based rarefaction to the Mac. You supply a data file listing the abundance of each species, and Analytic Rarefaction quickly produces a table of the expected number of species for smaller sample sizes. You

Diversity is a great tool for entering and inspecting ecological data, and for measuring the diversity of ecological communities. Spreadsheets have long been the standard tool for ecological data entry, but spreadsheets are cumbersome for working wit

Taxon is the fastest and easiest way to enter your ecological census data, calculate common ecological metrics, and export your data for heavy-duty analysis in R. Taxon automatically calculates common diversity metrics (including Alroy's SQS) on indi

Backstrip lets you perform backstripping on your stratigraphic sections, letting you understand changes in crustal subsidence and sea level over time. Data is quickly entered through a table, and a single click generates a backstripping curve that is