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✔ Immediate, secure file deleting. Don't want to wait while you "Secure Delete" the entire trash just to wipe one critical file? Tired of sending files to the trash, then having to empty it? Paper Shredder is a beautifully-animated, dead-si

You have files you need to keep private and secure. You want password-protected, encrypted folders to put them in. You do not want to deal with techno-jargon. You want ⎈VAULT. ★ Vault lets you easily create, access, and safeguard "enc

✔ Force Quit, evolved. Kill Switch takes every single aspect of the basic tool and rethinks it from the ground up, providing a more complete yet simpler experience. Improved Control • Fewer clicks to quit an app (6 vs 3 in Kill Switch)

-- NOTE for Mountain Lion (10.8) users: There is a known incompatibility which prevents iNotes from functioning properly with this version. We will be updating soon with a fix. Thank you for your patience. ✔ The Fastest Way to Note iNotes

Screenshots is the complete, easy to use solution for making and sharing screenshots on your Mac. It's so natural and fluid it's actually fun to use. You can grab any window, your entire desktop, or use Screenshots' unique, innovative "Frame" to ea

✔ Easily navigate windows and move content between them. Show Windows is the quickest way to select from among your open windows, or to drag and drop items between windows. Just move the pointer to the bottom of the screen to Show Windows, t

Have trouble reading small text on your screen? Want to get a better look at small pictures (like the thumbnails here in the app store)? Look no further! A magnifying glass for your screen, Zoom has all the essential functionality you'd expect for

✔ Drag-and-Drop the way it should be Instead of having to carefully set up two windows side-by-side every time you want to drag something between them, Holding Pattern lets you drag items to a temporary window, find where you want to drop the

Ever had trouble finding that file you downloaded from the internet? Downloads is the perfect companion to your browser (be it Safari, Firefox, or another), especially webmail users. It provides a direct and intuitive view of all your past download

Ever had trouble finding that file attachment someone emailed you? The perfect companion to Apple Mail, Attachments provides a direct and intuitive view of all your attachments so you can find (and use!) them and then get on with your life. Attachm

★ The complete solution for recording and reviewing past activity on your Mac. Screen History takes screenshots of your display at regular intervals, then lets you review and use these images in an application with a full suite of tools, inclu

✔ A magnifying glass for your screen. Loupe is a flexible, unintrusive tool which provides fast, accurate inspection of anything you see on your displays. It comes fully-loaded with options: Functionality: • Change loupe size and zoom

✔ Take control of your presentations in the most natural way - with your voice! Just add commands for a given presentation - or use the standard suite - and then press "start" to begin using vocal cues to orchestrate your presentation. ύ