Applications by Huan-Tang

"This discounted sale is in cooperation with" iRSS is a RSS Reader designed for experienced users. iRSS make reading and recording in one place. Basic features: offline reading Add, delete, move, rename, Feed and Folder Mark ar

"This discounted sale is in cooperation with" iTaskTimer is a tool of Todolist+pomodoro Timer. Feature: 1.Todo list 2.pomodoro timer 3.pretty detail report 4.shortcut support 5.iCloud Sync

Planemator make 2D Picture to 3D Look. When you demonstrate your app,or production or idea to peoples, 3D Effects look better and amazing. But may be you have no 3D skill, and now Planemator can help you! Planemator make 2D to 3D in a very easy way

iRSS 3 is a modern rss reader! Fearture: 1.Support Large Amount Services: Feedly FeedBin FeedWrangler InoReader NewsBlur BazQux FeedHQ TheOlderReader TinyTInyRSS Instapaper Readability Fever BuildInRSS (Local) 2.Support ICloud Sync Store and S

iBetter Note is a cool Note app. Support iCloud Sync. Support Folder and Tags.