Applications by HotPaw-Productions

Professionals use strobe tuners for the most precise and responsive tuning of musical instruments. See the pitch of difficult to tune instruments bend slightly sharp or flat in real-time as you tune. The display of responsive high-contrast rotating

This is a Mac OS X version of the HotPaw Morse Decoder app for iPhone and iPad. The HotPaw Morse Code Decoder decodes the tones of Morse Code characters from audio input, and transcribes the results into text. Both an audio spectrum graph and a tone

HotPaw Guitar Tuner A strobe tuner is "the most accurate type of tuner" according to Wikipedia. The HotPaw Guitar Tuner provides 6 precision Strobe Tuners for your guitar. Fast. Accurate. Noise resistant. See your notes also appear on a keyboar

HotPaw Talking Tuner is a hands-off, sound-activated, talking musical instrument tuner. It uses speech synthesis to talk and tell you if a sound is in tune or not, so you don't have to look at your Mac. Talking Tuner does not require that VoiceOver


HotPaw Piano Roll Music Spectrograph - A Visual Music Transcription Assistant This is a Mac OS X version of the HotPaw Music Spectrograph app for iOS devices. Visualize and reverse engineer sound and music. The Music Spectrograph displays music an