Applications by Hong-Wee-Teo

Big Day Countdown is a Menubar App that helps you count down to the special day of your life! *After launching Big Day Countdown, a small circular icon will appear on your menubar. Click on the icon and select Preferences to configure your countdown

AB Export helps you export your OS X Address Book contacts to CSV or VCF files. Features: - Export contact details to CSV or VCF - Group exportation - Exported CSV can be opened in both Mac and Windows - Simple and user friendly - Export to a dest

A scrolling news ticker that brings news to you! Feature: - customizable -> curate your own feeds collection - up-to-date news -> latest news will be retrieved every time after all current news have been shown on ticker - fast access to full articl

Quick Reminder Note is a simple sticky note app that sits on your menubar. Works with OS X El Capitan. #Features: - customizable note color - customizable font - pin your note so that it stays on top of other windows - customizable global shortcu

Simple timer is a beautifully designed timer that's easy to set up and use. #features includes: - eye catching timer with multiple colors - able to run multiple timers concurrently - visual notification (option to flash screen when time is up) - abl

Easy Winmail Reader helps you extract attachment from winmail.dat. We all have friends who are using Microsoft Outlook and sometimes they send us attachment in winmail.dat which can't be opened with OS X built in app. Easy Winmail Reader bridges th

Lightweight World clocks that sits on your menubar. Add cities to the list and be informed of the current time in these cities! #features - uses natural language (today, tomorrow, yesterday) to indicate if the city is in the same day as the user -

Tiny Calendar sits on your menubar and gives you quick access to the calendar whenever you need to check the dates! Supports launch at login. For support or feedback: [email protected]

Staring at your computer for too long is not good, and Take A Break, Please is a simple menubar app that forces* you to take your break. You can configure time between breaks and the duration of the break. When the scheduled break starts, the app wi

Spotify Notifier displays a notification whenever a song is played on Spotify. Features: - notification whenever a new song is played - notification whenever a song is unpaused - shows last 10 played songs for current session Support or feedback:

A simple time zone converter that helps you find out what's the time on the other side of the world. #features - convert between cities or time zones - convert from any date and time, future or past - show time difference between the two selected ti

Quick Stopwatch is a beautifully designed stopwatch that's easy to setup and use. #features include: - eye catching stopwatch with multiple colors - able to run multiple stopwatches at the same time - lap time recording and history - shortcut key to

Quick Show Desktop is a simple utility to hide all your running windows and shows your desktop. To show your desktop, user can 1: click on the app icon on the dock 2: use the drop down menu on the menubar 3: use the customizable shortcut key Qui

Lightweight Gmail notifier that sits on your menubar. #Features - displays your unread mails - shows number of unread mails on menubar - supports multiple accounts - supports launch at login - supports dark menu bar To use it with email services t

Emoji+ gives you quick access to emoji from the menu bar! Features includes - quick emoji access from menu bar - click on emoji to copy - quick access to recently used emoji - supports dark menu bar For support or feedback: [email protected]

Simple Date Calculator lets you calculate the duration between 2 dates and also let you add/subtract date components from a date. The calculator takes day light saving (based on system time zone) into consideration when calculating the difference of

Simple Word Clock is a beautifully designed typographic clock. Words are highlighted to show the current time in natural language. #features - current time in natural language - customizable text and background color - clear background mode to ble

Easily change your file or folder icons to any image. Customize your very own files and folders! Features: - allows you to change your file/folder icon to any image - reset file/folder icon to default

Color Clock is a beautifully designed clock that uses time to determine the color of background. Mapping the time components (hours, minutes and seconds) to the color channel (red, green and blue), the color of the clock changes as time changes, gi

Quarter Past Three is a typography clock that display current time in natural language. It sits on your desktop and display the time quietly without interfering with your workflow. You can change its color and move it anywhere on your desktop to to

Addition Flash Card helps you practise your addition! Especially useful for children who are just starting to learn mathematics! Features: - practice on single or double digit addition - shortcut key to show hints or skip to the next card

Hiragana Flash Card helps you practise your Hiragana! Features: - let user select different set of Hiragana to practise on - shortcut key to show hints or skip to the next card

A timer that helps you practise the famed Pomodoro Technique. Each Pomodori session starts with 25 minutes of focus time followed by 5 minutes of break. # Features and functions 1. Notify user when time is up. 2. Amount of time left is shown on t

-- Special Launch Price For a Limited Time!! -- Hasher generates SHA and MD hash for your files. #features: - small memory footprint - Hasher reads your file in small chunk so that it will not hog your system resource - click on generated hash to

Color Scheme makes finding the perfect colour palette easy and fast. By selecting a main colour, Color Scheme will automatically find matching colors based on common colour theories. #Features: - analogous color scheme - monochromatic color scheme

Better battery info! Shows - current charge status - estimated time to full charge - estimated operating time left in battery - battery temperature (in Celsius or Fahrenheit) - charge cycle count of battery - capacity of battery - design capacity o

Grab The Icon export icon from apps and files to .tiff format. Just drag and drop the app/file/folder onto the app to extract the icon. Simple and easy.

Pomodoro+ is a simple Pomodoro timer that helps you focus on your task and stay productive! You can use the traditional 25 minutes work + 5 minutes break intervals or customized your own work/break interval to suit your work flow. The timer will noti

NC World Clocks displays current time in Notification Center. Add cities to the list to be informed of the current time in these cities! #features - use natural language (today, tomorrow, yesterday) to indicate if the city is in the same day as the

Currently Playing display current Spotify track information on your desktop. You can customize the color of text and song meter to fit the style of your desktop. Currently Playing sits on your desktop and will not go on top of other windows, so as to