Applications by Holy-Mackerel-Software

KeyWack is a game for people with babies or small children who like to sit at their parent’s computer and bang the keyboard or click the mouse. KeyWack prevents children from accidentally changing programs or documents, and makes banging even

CashHaven is a system for paying for goods without having to handle cash. Each user is given a 'cash' allowance. As they 'buy' goods their allowance is reduced. Once their allowance reaches zero they cannot but anything more. It is designed for offi

CRMHaven is an Address Book of contacts (called Clients). Your Clients are shared (if you have multiple users in your groups) so any changes you make are immediately reflected on their computers. In business this is called a Customer Management Syste

Bulk Email is a utility to send attractive, personalised email to groups of recipients while keeping within anti-spamming laws and your mail server limits. Privacy Policy To see the Bulk Email Privacy Policy go to Terms

TwitHaven is a private, internal messaging system useful for sending short messages and attachments. The recipient can opt whether the message is also received as an email and/or an SMS text. It removes the complexities of email and SMS text systems

DocHaven is a cloud-based library for your documents, so they are permanently backed up. You run DocHaven as an alternative to the normal folders on your Mac or file server. You take them out of the cloud as you need them, then put them back into the

Speed Reading is a utility to help you read and comprehend text quickly. Type or paste any text you want to the main text window. Click the OK button to have Speed Reading read the text to you Word-by-Word (or by Line, Sentence or Paragraph), highlig

OfficeHaven is a collection of five HMS modules into one program. It provides an integrated set of tools to help manage your files, your clients, your money, your messaging and your screens while both in the office and remotely. You may find it easie

PhoneWords is a utility to help you find what dictionary words can be derived from a telephone keypad. Type in a phone number and display all the word combinations for that number. This may help you choose an easy to remember phone number when moving

Anagram is a utility to Anagram text items from a list of paragraphs. Type or paste the list of text items you want to Find in the top box. Click the OK button to Anagram all occurrences from the list of items. Anagram types include: Anagram —

Generates Morse Code from Plain Text. Allows easy decoding of Morse Code back to original text. It handles most letters and numbers plus a limited range of symbols. Each Morse Code 'letter' comprises a series of dots '•' and dashes '—'.

FileName Extreme allows you to edit the names of a folder of files. FileName Extreme is much faster than renaming files manually and can access data hidden inside the files (called metadata). Using the Preview function allows you to see what your fil

Its About Time is a utility to manipulate dates or tell you information about a list of dates. Date conversions include: Add Time to Date — Add any amount of years, months, days, hours, minutes or seconds to a date to reveal the new date and t

Inside Text is a utility to extract information about text. It changes, combines, converts and removes text, as well as examining it for trends and more detail. Text examinations include: • Combine Columns • Combine Paragraphs • Conve

CleanHaven is a program designed to make the cleaning of text much easier. Type or paste in any text, choose the change you want then click Clean to change the text. For example copy a column of data from iWork Numbers, clean it, then paste it back

Perform Data Cleansing on any MySQL database. Clean your Text, Number and Date field values with 50 different cleansing types. Preview your changes before they are made. See the original and the cleaned values side-by-side. Make last minute edits or

Change Case is a utility to translate plain text into different cases. Type the text you want converted into the top box. Click the OK button to convert the text into the specified case. Case conversion types include: iNVERT cASE — what was UP

Find And Replace is a utility to Find and Replace text items from a list of paragraphs. Type or paste the list of text items you want to Find in the top box. Click the OK button to Find and Replace all occurrences from the list of items. Find and Re

Our data used to be on our PCs. We needed an Off Site Backup to protect it. Today, our data is in the Cloud. Now we need an On Site Backup to protect it. On Site Backup is a program to backup SQL databases, FTP sites and mapped drives quickly and au

Sort It Out is a utility to re-sort the order of a set of words or paragraphs. Type the text you want sorted into the top box. Click the OK button to sort the text into the specified order. Sorting types include: Ascending — sorts items by inc

Look It Up is a utility to search for terms on multiple web sites at once. It helps you find research sites based on Types e.g. Dictionary or Images. Once you choose a Type, you are presented with a range of Sources (pre-defined web sites that suppor

DeDuplicate is a utility to identify and remove duplicate items from a list of text. Type or paste the list of text items you want de-duplicated into the top box. Click the OK button to remove all duplicate occurrences from the list of items. DeDupl

ScreenHaven is one-to-many desktop screen sharing application. It is designed to be a partner to a telephone conference (aka TeleKit) to reduce the need for travel. It takes periodic images (whole screen shots, sections, whiteboard, iSight camera or