Applications by Henk-vanBruggen

This is BwanaDik as originally brought to you by John Schilling (at This app tells you by way of a menubar icon whether or not you have an internet connection. It is green when all is good and red when you

Do you need to know how much time you were spending on specific tasks? This app makes it easy to track your time on a project by project basis. You click a button on the menu bar to start or stop the timer. Add different projects and track the times

This photo manager and editor aims to simplify the task of keeping track of, and grouping your photos while giving you the flexibility to change them simply and at will. With it you will never wonder again if you already have a copy of a photo that y

Do you want a professional looking icon for your app, but lack the graphic design skills to create one? Tools like Photoshop and Gimp are overkill for making quality looking icons. Easy Icon is a tool created specifically to let you get to the busine

When you go grocery shopping, do you compare prices? Have you noticed that many different brands do not base their product pricing on the same units? For example, you can buy sandwich meat as $/100 grams or you can buy it as $/pound. Even worse is to