Applications by Harold-Chu

• Track your Wi-Fi hotspot usage. • Zero configuration required. It just works. Bandwidth+ is a simple app so only tracks the network usage on the Mac it is running on. If you are tethered to an iPhone then it will count the usage while te

END OF SUPPORT NOTICE: I will stop supporting Library Books after 1 Feb 2014. Library Books is now a free download. • Return your library books on time. Never pay a fine again. • Track the books you have on loan. • With a quick glance

✔ Displays the current Chinese Calendar date in your menu bar. ● Date looks like 8月15日. ✔ Convert between Chinese and Western/Gregorian dates. ● Find out your Chinese birthday. ● Were you born in a leap

iiUsage is an usage meter for iiNet users. iiNet is the second largest Internet service provider in Australia. The app shows your internet usage in the menubar.

This app is for public transport users in Victoria Australia.  We have a contactless smartcard ticketing system like the Octopus card in Hong Kong. Myki Usage runs in the menu bar and shows you your myki pass and money balance. • Quickly