Applications by Hanley-Solid-Solutions

Prismium is a new kind of wallpaper app for the Mac. Forget boring images that you can find by any regular internet image search. Prismium offers the ability to create amazing custom kaleidoscope images. Using Prismium is easy. Select an image from

TravelXpensr, the amazing travel expense and logging app available for iOS is now a Mac App as well! Ever arrived back home from a relaxing vacation, only to wonder just how much was spent on the whole trip? More likely than not, you want to be abl

Tuneful Tiger brings over the same great music tracking experience found on iOS devices to the Mac! Ever been listening to the radio, when an amazing song pops out of no where? Ever tried to jot down that song's name, artist and album? More likely t

YWA Calculator works exactly like its iPhone and iPad counterparts. It calculates the yearly weighted average for a year of a university/college program. It takes into account the final grade for each course, and the course's weight factor in order t

Take the guess work out of reminding yourself about important tasks using your Mac, with Kindly. Using Mountain Lion's Notification Center feature, Kindly displays helpful yet unobtrusive reminders that help to keep you on track for all the numerous

TravelSpeakr, the amazing travel app for iOS is now available for the Mac! TravelSpeakr is all about making your vacation, be it a big journey or small excursion, a little bit more enjoyable. How is this? Have you ever wanted to keep your friends a

Simul-Search is a one stop, no fuss search tool for the Mac. Nowadays, many people have more than one search engine that they like to consult for their information inquiries. But why should anybody have to put up with typing the same search query as