Applications by HAPPY-CODING-UG-haftungsbeschrnkt

You have a task to accomplish and want to manage your time in a effective way? Then this simple activity timer is the right tool for you. It provides a plain and smoothly integrated timer for your OS X status bar. Choose between time presets (3 min

Coffee has its caffeine. Energy drinks have Taurine (besides caffeine as well). Taurine keeps you awake. Don't let your Mac fall asleep! Just click the pill and your computer will stay awake. This app will keep your system awake for a defined period

Especially for lovers of time management, productivity and fans of the simplicity of our Activity Timer. The "Activity Timer - Interval Edition". Perfect for time management. This timer allows to split a working task into intervals. This could be f

Supports Dragging. And Dropping. Provides a special "dropzone" for putting files and text clippings. Hide when not needed and even calculates the total sizes of all the files dragged there. Simplify your life when working with files. DragQueen shows