Applications by Guy-Barrand


pmx is an event display for the LHC/LHCb experiment. With it you can view the detector, the magnetic field and load events.

g4view is a scientific application that permits to read geometry files at the Geant4 GDML format describing particle physics detectors. g4view permits to visualize the geometry of a loaded detector. It can read also "scenarios" files that permit to c

Thanks to ArcheryTune you have the advisability of understanding and configuring key elements of your bow: the scope for compound bow, the sight and the adjustment of the arrow FOC. This is done by following three sub-applications (version 1.0). For

ioda should be read "IO-DA", for Input/Output and for Data Analysis. It is a scientific application that permits to read files at various formats as FITS used in astronomy, AIDA and ROOT used in high energy physics (HEP) to store histograms tuples an

agora is an event display for the LHC/ATLAS experiment. It can display parts of the detector and then can give to someone novice in high energy physics (HEP) a glance at what a HEP detector looks like. From 1.3 it can read an ATLAS JiveXML event file