Applications by Gummy-Bear-Studios

Tumblelog Picture Downloader lets you batch download all the pictures from a Tumblr account in a simple and easy way. *** NEW IN VERSION 2.0 *** • login with Tumblr • download pictures from your account (LIKES and POSTS) • download p

Renamer is a professional tool to mass rename multiple files at a time, created to be powerful and at the same time easy to use. With a simple interface users can add multiple filters and different rules to rename files. Renamer is packed with 70+

Interesting password generator with a lot of features: • Select the set of characters you want to use (Numbers, Lowercase, Uppercase, Symbols, Special Symbols) • Exclude confusing characters (0, o, O, l, 1, etc...) • Select which char

Image To Data is a very helpful app created with web designers / developers in mind. With a simple and fast gesture you can turn an image for a web site in a base64 data url. Simply drag a file on the dock icon or the blue window of the app and you'l

Useful app to calculate the ratio for images. What's the ratio, the common dividends for a picture, how it can be resized without losing pixels and using only integer numbers.

Image Cutter is an useful app that will let you cut an image automatically exporting all the parts in separate files and with the relative HTML. Just select the places where to cut and click on Export and you're done! As simple as that! Main feature

"Color At Point" is an useful app to get the color under your mouse pointer. • It's super easy to use it. Just set an hotkey and when you need to get the color, use the hotkey • The color will be copied to the clipboard and will be ready t

Odometer - Check your Mouse Mileage! is a cool app that will be surely entertaining and interesting for you! Just start the app and let it run while you work, surf the internet or do whatever you usually do and look at the status bar or the app box.

SnipCode is a really powerful productivity application with a sleek and bold interface. It was created to help organizing snippets, small pieces of code, but it can be used by everyone who needs a way to keep notes, remember things, organize ideas an

File-O-Matic is a bot-app that can automatically execute simple actions on your files according to the rules you specify. The simple interface lets you create a rule in less than 10 seconds! Set the input folder, the output folder, what to check (ca

SpriteX is a simple yet powerful sprite packer. Simply add sprites to the context, let the app do the packing and just export. Main features: • Smart algorithms to pack sprites in the best way possible to optimize used space • Import PNG,

Resizes multiple image files in a simple and fast way. Main features: • A minimalist and simple app that does the job • Support PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF files • Export to Original or Change Output Format (PNG, TIFF, JPG, BMP or GIF) &