Applications by GrandeAmericano

Address Book Clearout will straighten out your contacts, clean up data issues. Clearout will not only remove identical contacts, but also find those hidden, near duplicates that can cause problems. You use your contacts list almost every day, for wo

Contact Clearout works across multiple accounts including linked Social Media accounts to safely remove duplicates and clean up data issues with your contacts.The search engine is the fastest and most effective yet. It lets you see contacts side-by-s

Stop working and get more done! By End of Day is not a todo list, it is a uncluttered, elegant way of focussing on today’s tasks. It is designed to help you to pace yourself and to increase the creativity and productivity of your work. You do

Duplicate contact removal taken to the next level. Contact Duplicates will scan for data issues and find normal duplicates. But it goes further and uses heuristics to uncover hidden near duplicates. Compare possible duplicates side-by-side and drag d

Check for issues, duplicates and hidden duplicates - a free utility to check the health of your address book. To fix any issues, to look at and to remove the duplicates, please get either Contact Duplicates or Contact Clearout.