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This software is for editing the address book database which is created by Apple Contacts. The Table View Style, Find & Replace, and Sort function make it easy to edit your address book database. Importing/exporting as vCard or CSV and showing QRCod

vCard Editor is an application to create and edit vCards directly. vCard is a file has an extension vcf and used to exchange contact information between various contact applications. Not only Apple Contacts but also such applications can import/expo

AddressBook Aid2 is an application for editing contacts in your Mac. This is a redesigned version of AddressBook Aid with using Contacts.framework which is introduced from macOS 10.11. In addition to the change, code refactoring and optimization are

Second Contacts

11 days ago

This is an Application for editing AddressBook and a vCard file at the same time, and editing a file which is stored in iCloud folder by the Second Contacts for iOS. Second Contacts lists contacts in a table. You can select which data will show in th


1 day ago

シンプルだけど高機能な宛名書きソフトウエアです。 テーブルスタイ

PrintEnvelope Lite

17 hours ago

シンプルだけど高機能な宛名印刷ソフトウエアPrintEnvelopeの簡易版です。 テ

Second Notes is an app for making a note with Live Markdown in your iCloud folder. You can share the note with your iOS devices via Second Notes for iOS. And Live Markdown automatically indents lists and quoted strings, and changes font to bold or it