Applications by Glenn-Burnett

Race against the clock to collect the special herbs needed to make the medicine to cure the sick people in your home town. Horse quest is a mix of a runner game with platform elements. Ride like the wind! Stunning graphics and simple to play but hard

FREE FOR LIMITED TIME! ‘Truly and Utterly Brilliant.’ - FHM.COM Frantic is an old school arena wave based shooter that is played at a frenetic pace. Run, gun and jump through each wave grabbing weapons as they appear and take on the mo

Please note this game will not work on iOS 11 and above due to Adobe discontinuing the Director development system. As the development platform is no longer available I am unable to update the game. Police Chopper is a helicopter rescue game that ha

Be the star of the famous San Fermin 'Running with the Bulls' festival in Spain. Be the Bull! Charge round Pamplona and power up the Smash meter by knocking the runners out of the way. A hat will give you a single chance and filling the smash meter

Clyde is a clever dog. He watches Shep, the other sheep dog, work hard all day herding sheep whilst he dozes in his master’s hammock. When the day is almost over clever Clyde has an idea. Tossing sheep! Clyde loads a sheep onto his hammock and

How long can you hold off wave after wave of alien invaders? Tackle various ships, void copters and space mines. Arm yourself and collect missiles, smart bombs, nitro lasers and many more by blasting the asteroids! A classic style fire and dodge sho