Applications by Glencode-LLC


11 days ago

Particulars displays system information about your Mac. It shows computer name, model name, serial number, CPU, RAM, GPU, OS version, Server version, current user, uptime, disk space and network configuration. It can used in 3 modes: on your desktop,

Harmony is an innovative and unique take on worship presentation. It started with a belief that you shouldn't need costly software to project lyrics on a motion background. Small churches and those on low budgets should be able to have great presenta

A remote confidence monitor for Harmony Worship 2.0 and later. When Harmony updates it's presentation display, the text is sent over the network to this app and displayed. Useful for on-stage monitors or helping the partially sighted.

Viewfinder is a Mac application that dramatically simplifies the process of finding, downloading and using images from Flickr. --Take a Picture-- Viewfinder searches Flickr's over six billion photos in a snap to bring you the images you need. You ca