Applications by Giuseppe-Cigala

PNG Animator is an application which allows you to generate APNG files (Animated Portable Network Graphics) APNG is like animated GIFs, but supports 24-bit images and 8-bit transparency (not available for GIFs). Features: - load your sequence of

Rainbow is a graphic application that allow you to set wonderful effects at your images in a fast and easy way. It’s possible to apply the effects in sequence, getting amazing results. Available effects: - reflection - shadow - border - glas

Trimmer is an application simple and easy to use that allows you to trim your videos. Features: - load your video (mov-m4v-mp4 file); - drag and drop video files from "Finder" or from "Library" panel; - select the start/end points and trim the vid

Scotch is a simple graphic application that allow you to join images. Features: - move the selected image in front or back of other images; - apply a "blend" effect; - "snap to grid" function; - show/hide the grid; - expand or reduce the image size;

Traffic is a simple utility that allows you to monitor the inbound/outbound data from your Mac Wi-Fi/Ethernet connection. In particular, the application is useful for those that use a 3G/4G connection with a daily/weekly/monthly limit of traffic (G

Applicons is a simple and fast utility that allow you generate all the icons/iconset needed for OS X and iOS development (Mac, iPhone and iPad). “Rounded corners” and “Drop shadow” effects. Create the .icns file. The image is

Face4Pass is an application that allows you to easily create photos for your documents (i.e passport). Drag and drop or import an existing photo. Take a photo with the built-in iSight camera. Automatically improve the quality of the image. Edit many

"Account Store Desk" is a free utility that help you to add/remove/edit the accounts stored in your "Account Store" application. 1. Connect your iPhone/iPod touch to your Mac, and run "iTunes". 2. Check in the File sharing section of "iTunes" and

Card4Call is a simple application that lets you easily create your own business cards (size 8.5 x 5.5 cm). Features: - choose from over 2800 icons and 400 textures; - set the background (texture or color); - insert images, icons and texts; - se

Stitcher is a simple application that allow your to create beautiful panorama with your photos. Features: - load your photo sequence; - choose the projection type, field of view, exposure; - set the size of the panorama (% or manual); - stitch/blend

A simple application that allow you to send messages and images to nearby devices via Wi-Fi. Click over the image to open and save it. Communicate with other iPhone and iPad with BlueVoice/BlueVoice XP.

Una semplice applicazione con 10.500 questionari a risposta multipla di Cultura Generale (Storia, Italiano, Diritto, Geografia, Arte, Scienze, Matematica, Geometria, Logica, Informatica). Verifica il tuo livello di preparazione prima di affrontare c

Segments is a simple application that allows you to create icons to be included in the toolbar and navigation bar, required when developing macOS/iOS applications. Features: - draw the segment (line or curve); - set the segment end (square or roun

Localizer is a simple utility that allows you to easily edit your XLIFF files (exported from Xcode) to localize your app. Features: - open the .xliff file; - localize the UI; - save the changes to source file; - import the localized .xliff file into

Ringphone is an application that allow you to easily create ringtones for your iPhone. Features: - the tracks are loaded from your iTunes library; - select your favorite track from the table; - set the start and stop point; - zoom the track for bett

Frammer X is a simple application that allows you to extract your favorite frames from a video, with an intuitive and clean interface. Features: - load your video (mov/m4v/mp4 file); - drag and drop video files from "Finder" or from "Library" pane