Applications by Giorgio-Minissale

Configuratore 3D è un Catalogo per Mac che consente di visualizzare modelli 3D (in questo caso di oggetti di arredamento) e di creare dei preventivi specificando le quantità dei prodotti desiderati e di inviarli via mail. Ogni preventi

(Yet) Another Gravity Game: Player 2 has 5 moves to place the Actors on the playing area (within bounds), every touch on an Actor is a move; then, Player 1 has 3 attempts to hit Player 2. Actors: Planet (just an obstacle), Star (deviates your project

There are two teams: Blue Squadron and Red Squadron; Blue Squadron to shoot first. Set the "angle" of your mothership by pressing on it, then set the power by pressing on the energy bar and then shoot by pressing on the red (fire) button. Before yo

Space debris, also known as orbital debris, space junk, and space waste, is the collection of defunct objects in orbit around Earth. Help John the astronaut to dodge them all and take him as far as possible from this cloud of space debris !

Make as many points as you can. Dodge stars and planets and defend yourself from enemies. Destroy them all. Of course you should take a lot of bonuses to get to the end ... Have fun .. !!!