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Simplayfy is the easiest way to control, display notifications, discover music and perform searches in iTunes. Stop switching windows to control your music using the status bar Simplayfy mean features: * iTunes Control: - source info (library

Most succesful 1Tapps iOS App comes to Mac :) As simple and useful as the App Name, from the most valued 1Tapps series, create as much custom shortcuts as you want to dial FaceTime for your friends, family, love, work, ... . When you are done with

Download and play this well known classic game. Features: - Real classic experience - No Menus - No in-app purchases - Tap and Play - Infinite fun About 1Tapps 1Tapps is an App and Games company based in Costa Brava. We think that your mobi

Master your Ninja skills with maybe the hardest Ninja game on the Store! Jump or long jump, that's all you have to master ;) We reached 400 steps before dying, how far can you reach? Reach us on 
Twitter : 

Play with the most popular brain game over the world on your Mac. Enjoy our clean interface with no distractions and hours of Sudoku playtime. Discover new number layout designs as you advance on the game, with it's exclusive level system. Move and

Download and play this well known classic game, it has an special twist that will make you want to beat the best score ;) Time constrained, with shields and curated levels will provide you with brain training and infinite fun. The player is initiall