Applications by Gianluca-Natalini

"FingerCAD PRO" is the PROFESSIONAL version of FingerCAD, the CAD application for technical drawing with fingers assisted by computer born for portable devices, used by thousands of users all over the world and now available on the Mac OS X. "FingerC

"Finger3D PRO” is a 3D modeler for Your MAC. With "Finger3D PRO” you can design all Your ideas in a 3D virtual reality world and explore them using the 3D and 2D views or the first-person view. You can create any type of 3D objects such a

“tapeRecorder PRO” turns your device into an "OLD STYLE" tape recorder / music player. Useful for: - Record interviews, lectures at the university, audio notes, live music performances - Play recorded audio The software allows: - To make