Applications by George-Balla

Sprite Splicer will allow you to extract individual graphics from a SpriteSheet or create a Sprite Strip. Great for game developers or web designers. You can take any image and split to any size and use the images on your website to speed up loadin

Ohm's Law Calculator Ohm's Law Calculator applies to electric & electronic circuits and allows you to calculate values for Ohms, Amps, Watts and Volts. By entering any two known values, Ohm's Law Calculator will find the other two values for you

Challenge yourself or play with your kids - they’ll have fun playing Word Scramble while they learn. Unscramble as many words as you can: you have 60 seconds to unscramble each new word, and 3 ‘lives’. You can see your lives r

XML Site Mapper allows you to create a site map of your website in xml format. By placing a Sitemap-formatted file on your web server, you enable crawlers to find out what pages are present and which have recently changed, and to crawl your site a

TabEditor is a powerful plain text/rich text editor for Mac OS/X. TabEditor was designed to be very small and fast, and uses very little resources, so it won't eat away at the battery life if you're on your MacBook. Features: - Retina Support -

ThumbItAll is a HTML Image Thumbnail Gallery Creator. Now you do not need to know HTML or spend a considerable time creating thumbnail galleries and linking them to the image files. ThumbItAll makes it simple for you to share your images with your f

Launch Sale! - AquaMunch is on sale for a limited time only!! AquaMunch is an addictive and fun game for all ages. Eat all the small fish, keep away from the big fish until you grow.

PicFinder will allow you to find duplicate images anywhere on your hard drive. PicFinder uses KeyPoint matching to find any duplicates. Even if a duplicate was modified, such as drawing on image, removing parts of images, PicFinder will find the ima

WebCrypt is a combined security, obfuscation, and general protection program for your Web site. It can successfully obfuscate any HTML page, including JavaScript. The entire document between the body tags can be fully processed, leaving other impor

When you start the game, 4 words will come up on the screen: First word will be made up of 3 letters Second word will be made up of 4 letters Third word will be made up of 5 letters Fourth word will be made up of 6 letters After 5 seconds, the

When an inductor or capacitor are placed in series or parallel they will have a resonant frequency. LC resonant circuits are useful as notch filters or band pass filters.

Try to stop the alien transports bringing supplies to the enemy in this fast paced space shooter. Use special abilities once you accumulate enough gold.

ZenCrystal is a fun and simple game that can increase your memory and concentration. Playing ZenCrystal is like meditation in motion! All you need to do is repeat each sequence played out by the four crystals. Each sequence is followed by a shor