Applications by Genji

Murasaki is an EPUB reader application that has simple user interfaces and various features (CANNOT open DRM-encrypted EPUBs) Key Features: * Scrolling Murasaki is a scroll-based reader like usual web browers, not a page flip-based reader like iBoo

CLCL Lite is a universal launcher. By double/triple pressing a modifier key (Command/Option), you can launch/activate application. You can also open URL in web browser, and switch last active application. Usage: 1. Launch CLCL Lite 2. Click CLCL Lit

Have you ever experienced the unintended launching of an email application by clicking mailto: links in web browsers? Usually, when you click mailto: links in web browsers, even if it is unintentional, an email application launches immediately. By u

This app helps you to find the difference between two images in several ways. - Side by Side: Puts two images horizontally, compare them - Clicker: Shows two images alternately by clicking them - Wipe: Piles two images. By sliding the slider, the wi