Applications by Gen-Kiyooka

FaceBoof! is photo booth's 3-legged cousin with a bucktoof lisp. ★★★★★ Rated K for Kids of All Ages Did you ever wish that the cool photo boof effects were customizable? Or that you could use more than one at a time?

★★★★ Multi-core, multi-threaded batch media converter distributes encoding jobs efficiently across cores/CPUs. Version 1.5 rated 4.5/5 stars on MacUpdate with 55,000 downloads. Convert media to H.264, MPEG-4 (video.mp4 and

Finally, a graphical tool for inspecting ASN.1 parse trees aka App Store Receipts and codesign/SSL certificates encoded in the ASN.1 DER/BER format. Use alone or in conjunction with Tighten Pro code generator. Aimed primarily at Cocoa developers wr

From a former Hollywood Agent, a watermarking solution designed for Film & TV scripts. Script Watermarker is designed to embed watermarks which do not impact script readability into screenplays and teleplays, protecting the interests of the writer,

ANSI-C CODE GENERATOR FOR APP STORE RECEIPT VALIDATION AND SECURITY "I had a look at the code generated by Tighten Pro, it's a nice piece of software. I don't really have any comments or enhancements, it's good code :)" - Graham Lee, www.securemacpr

Tighten the security of your App Store products. The prosumer edition of Tighten: for consumer and free applications with basic security features. See also the Pro edition of Tighten also on the App Store. At a Glance: ★ Generates a secur