Applications by Geir-Larsen

Ballooning to word knowledge. Now at 50% of normal price for a limited period. Word matching in a new way. Practice high frequency words by catching balloons and getting treasure. Sight words practicing made exciting. Frequency list of 500 words t

PhraseStress - the ultimate toy for learners of English! Or if you just want to have fun with words. Now at 50% of normal price for a limited period. In this app you play with idioms and make your language skills soar. "This app would be great fo

Put the pig and the other words into the "pokes". Practice vocabulary, word sorting and classification in a friendly competition with your friends or yourself. There are 35 lists of 20 words, making a total of 700 words to read, sort and remember. Ch

Hit the target! Bullseye! practises mental math in an exciting way. Match the target number by combining playing cards or banknotes up to $20. You practise US currency at the same time. Choose cards or money, maximum target and set the timer from on