Applications by Gamesmold

Experience the fastest, weirdest and most addictive coach ride ever! Guide this noble stagecoach and its black horses through eery woods and foggy marshes - but beware of the creepy dwellers that will cross your path... Let them feel your whip whil

Cart Cow is now rolling on the Mac - optimized for use with mouse or pen tablet and featuring an even greater level overview! Draw physical grounds that lead Lazy Linda's shopping cart on a breakneck ride into the level exit. Beware of angry animals

d-capitatrix combines keyboard and mouse controls in a unique new gameplay concept: Place wormholes and make your robo-girl's head roll through by tilting the playing field! Teleport heads from gate to gate to bring them back to their pretty robotic

Puzzle Dozer is a challenging strategy/skill game featuring a sophisticated physics engine. Move all wooden boxes into specially marked areas using a small caterpillar dozer - but always keep an eye on the fuel display and the many dangerous and tric

Your nightly hunt for blood has taken you too long and now the sun is already up! You must find a safe place to hide - but don't step into direct sunlight! Rotate the entire island with your magical amulet to form a safe path of shadows. Unlock va

Let's twist some fluffy animals! Discover a weird zoo full of tricky rotation puzzles. Turn the necks, bodies and trunks of these lazy creatures to move them close enough to their goal. But beware - always keep an eye on the energy level! And if you

Introducing the "ANNO 1977" series: Experience a fast-paced, procedural ultra-retro skill game that could just as well date back to 1977! Not only was that the birth year of the creator of this app, but also the iconic Atari VCS (Atari 2600) was born